Watch UFC 200 Live at The Ogden!

Watch UFC 200 Live PPV at The Ogden!  UFC 200 features a stacked card including headliners Daniel Cormier vs. #1 Jon “Bones” Jones and the undercard fight between Brock Lesnar and Mark Hunt.  We will be featuring the PPV event on our huge 70” TV’s with full sound!  We have TV’s lining the entire bar as well as personal TV’s in each booth making The Ogden your #1 destination to watch UFC PPV events in Chicago.  Book your table early and avoid waiting in line and or standing for the whole night at another packed bar.  We like to keep a comfortable environment for the fights instead of packing as many people in as possible.  Our kitchen is open late till midnight or later on fight nights and the bar will be going until 3am!

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