NYD Winter Classic Watch Party and Brunch Buffet

Join us for a New Year’s Day Winter Classic watch party at The Ogden with full audio. The Blackhawks are taking the Boston Bruins at Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend Indiana and we’re bringing all of the action. Out optional all inclusive brunch buffet package will include a full food spread as well as mimosas, well drinks and bud light drafts from 11am-3pm for only $30. No tickets are required, walk in parties are welcome and reservations are available at www.theogdenchicago.com/reservations

STANLEY CUP TICKET GIVEAWAY brought to you by ESPN and Bud Light / 2015 Game 4

Want FREE tickets to the 2015 Stanley Cup Game 4!??! The Ogden courtesy of Bud Light and ESPN Chicago is giving away 2 tickets to the Stanley Cup at the United Center

No purchase necessary to win!
2 people at The Ogden will win tickets on Tuesday 6/9/2015!
Best odds to actually go to the game without spending 5k!

Come out and join Silvy of ESPN Chicago on Tuesday, June 9th for a Blackhawks ticket giveaway at 8pm
The Ogden- 1659 W. Ogden Avenue

Here’s your chance to get your tickets to see the Blackhawks LIVE from United Center on Wednesday, June 10th.


Free Western Conference Rally Towels courtesy of the Chicago Blackhawks

Attentions NHL Blackhawks fans, we’re giving away Western Conference Rally Towels to the first 25 die-hard Hawks fans to make it to The Ogden today!  The Blackhawks just dropped them off and all you have to do be one of the first 25 die-hard fans to make it here and say “The Ogden One Goal.”  Ready, set, go!

The Original Six Blackhawks And The Ogden

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 12.25.24 PMThe Chicago Blackhawks were established back in 1926. That’s almost one hundred years ago. And the Hawks were a part of the NHL’s original six teams. That means they literally invented the NHL along with the Boston Bruins, Montreal Canadians, Toronto Maple Leafs, the Detroit Red Wings and the New York Rangers.

The Chicago Blackhawks survived the roaring 20s and prohibition. And you know that Al Capone had a hand in the professional sports world back in the 30s. The team has a permanent place in the history of Chicago and the United States. And at The Ogden, we respect that long lasting tradition.

The Ogden is the best bar that you’ll find around the home of the Chicago Blackhawks. The Ogden sits conveniently in the West Loop part of the city and is a great place to hit before or after a hockey game. We respect the tradition and the history of the Blackhawks with everything that we do.

First of all, we serve beer. Beer has long been a part of American history. In fact, America is now the world leader in microbreweries and craft beers. That’s right. And that is why we serve a rotating menu of the best craft beers around. Chicago’s central United States location makes it a great place for the country’s best craft beer to travel to. You know it will be fresh when it is poured for you at The Ogden. But it doesn’t stop there. We make sure to get a great selection of regional craft beers that are in-season and ready to be enjoyed. In short, The Ogden is the best place for beer before, during and after a hockey game.

Our food is classic American fare, but kicked up a notch. It is served rustically and with a chef’s touch. You’ll find flatbread pizzas, the best wings in the West Loop and culinary burger masterpieces. The food and beer are as American as the NHL and the Blackhawks.

Everyone knows that Chicago has some of the best hockey fans in the country. You look around the league and see some of the locations of these teams and wonder how they like hockey. They have teams in cities that don’t even get snow, like Phoenix, Tampa and Los Angeles. But Chicago’s brutal winters help to churn out hockey talent and ardent hockey fans. And The Ogden is the best place to meet up with these die-hard fans before, during and after games.

You’ll find a sea of red shirts and jerseys every game night. You’ll quickly make friends with people that share your passion for the game. That’s what makes The Ogden such a great atmosphere. It is a place for Hawks fans to come, cheer, eat, drink and be merry. This place literally blows up during a close game, last-minute win or come-from-behind victory. It is the electric atmosphere you crave for your Blackhawks experience. We’ve got it all – the artisanal classic American food, craft beers, the ambience, the people and the fans.